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Inspirational Tutoring are  committed to developing young minds. Founded by Patrick Mays, a veteran and special needs teacher; Dana Mays, a veteran and accounting major.

Inspirational Tutoring has always used proven educational techniques to instruct children. We believed that, although many teachers did an admirable job in the classroom, many children did not learn well in traditional institutions. Many children don't respond to the assembly line nature of most institutions. We believed that a child's strengths and natural ability needed to be the foundation of learning. We often warned against a "Cookie cutter" approach to educating children.

At Inspirational Tutoring, your child is seen as an individual, and natural strengths are identified and built upon.
All of our teachers subscribe to the same philosophy. Our teachers are experienced and go through a rigorous screening process before joining our team.

Inspirational Tutoring focuses on building confidence, motivation, focus, and problem solving skills. Teachers share successful strategies with students so they can succeed on their own. Our friendly, warm, and enthusiastic teachers create a safe and supportive atmosphere for your child.

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