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We live in a technological world that gives us many ways to learn a subject. There is the traditional one on one tutoring to help those students who need that personal tutoring to help them keep up with the class, centers that tutor in small groups with their own strategies to help students, and online tutoring services that help students through video tutorials.  We provide all these type of educational services to help you as a parent make a educational decision to help your child. 

One-On-One Tutoring (In Home)

One on One tutoring or In-Home tutoring has great benefits for students.
  • Distraction free learning time: Since there are no distraction, your child will be able to concentrate more and able to absorb material presented.
  • Builds self confidence: By the tutor offering individual positive                 reinforcement, your child will have the motivation to strive for improvement. 
  • No peer pressure: In home tutoring provides the optimal learning environment. This allow your child to speak up if the have a question and do not have to worry if they have the right or wrong answer. It encourages improvement as well as intellectual curiosity. 
  • No traveling time: This benefits parents who have to work late, going to practices, or cooking. Must one on one tutoring services go to the student's home which cuts down on traveling for the parents.  
  • Supports your student's school curriculum
  • Low cost involved 
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Tutoring Learning Centers

Tutoring centers has some advantages also. They provide a more detail plan to help identify the student's weakness in a particular subject.  The uses their own learning program to help access, plan, teach, and apply.  
  •  Access: By using their proving assessment tests to help identify problems the student may be having in a particular subject
  • Plan: Using the assessments, they prepare a detail lesson plan the help the student
  • Teach: the use tutors to teach the student in a group or one on one session
  • Apply: they show the student how to apply in their school studies 
A few disadvantage of tutoring learning centers is the high cost and they do not teach the school curriculum.